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Our offer includes comprehensive insurance services for companies, including personal insurance of employee teams. 

Our services are not limited only to preparation of the insurance program and conclusion of the insurance agreement. We actively participate in the comprehensive post-sales service in the scope of the broadly understood insurance issues. Together with the Clients we conduct the process of loss adjustment, making sure the damages due be paid out by the insurer without undue delay.

We regularly prepare trainings for the employees of our Clients, in the subject scope associated with the handling and functioning of insurance agreements. As a standard, we conduct insurance audits, i.e. detailed analyses of the insurances possessed by the company, in comparison with the profile of its activities and assets, which, together with the insurance survey conducted based on needs, will determine the potential threats associated with our Clients’ activities, and with the performance of insurance agreements.
Our insurance programs are individually adapted to the needs and structures of enterprises.
Looking for reinsurance opportunities for Polish insurers always constitutes an interesting challenge for us.
Assessment of the possessed insurance coverage.
Due to the need to be familiar with many, frequently changing, statutory regulations, conducting insurance-related procedures under the public procurement law is a demanding and complicated process.
For the employees indicated by the Client we conduct free trainings in insurance products, in the handling and functioning of insurance agreements and insurance market.
We guarantee to our Clients support in the process of adjustment of the losses covered by insurance and monitoring the activities of insurers.


ul. Klimczaka 1

+ 48 22 223 68 68


ul. Opolska 22 bud.A lok.220

+ 48 32 352 02 51


ul. Przemysłowa 46A lok. U5

+ 48 61 22 190 06


ul. Krupnicza 13 lok. 104

+ 48 71 362 58 69


ul. Abrahama 1a lok 6.11

+ 48 58 5 266 266


ul. Panieńska 11

+ 48 91 430 88 96


ul. Bohaterów Monte Cassino 8 / 227

+ 48 508 067 404


ul. Jagiellońska 10

+48 665 433 233

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