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Property and civil liability insurance

An insurance coverage of company assets (apart from electronic equipment which should be insured under a separate policy, and apart from vehicles, insured under transportation policies) should be best developed on the basis of the All Risks standard.
The insurance of liability of Members of Company Authorities, also known as D&O, is to protect the personal assets of the members of company assets in the case that they make the decisions that expose the company to financial losses and/or put the stockholders' interests at risk. The insurance protecting the company authorities from that type of risk improves the comfort of their work and may indirectly improve their performance.
Civil liability insurance refers to the civil liability of a business entity, incurred by that entity under the provisions of the law, in connection with conducting activities and possessing the property used in those activities, as well as with marketing products
Both the Principal and the Contractor should look after not only the proper course of the processes of designing, constructing and operating an investment. In particular, they should also look after the security of construction by concluding an adequate insurance policy covering the construction and erection risks, based on the “All risks” model.
CyberEdge insurance allows to limit the damage resulting from cyber threats.
Sea insurance is aimed at covering the damage resulting from various kinds of dangers associated with sea transport and trade.
Transport insurance is associated with land transportation of mechanical vehicles. It includes the protection of people exposed to personal and property risks, including in the scope of civil liability.


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