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Group life insurance is a comprehensive protective product for medium and large groups of employees. The essence of the program is the scope of protection and level of sums insured.

The group life insurance agreements may take the following forms: group life insurance of basic character (the most popular form of insurance in the EU, addressing the need to insure against the events associated with an employee) as well as the group life insurance of expanded character (the most popular form of group insurance paid for by the employees, in which the insurance covers the Insured with their spouse and children). That insurance is characterized by a broad range of events covered. The individually selected coverage program, depending, among others, on the position held or remuneration received, allows to meet Client’s needs while obtaining maximum benefits from insurance.

Health insurance for employees and their families – the product provides access to specialist physicians and general practitioners, as well as to state-of-the-art diagnostic tests in reputable medical clinics in Poland. Medical care may be provided simultaneously to occupational health care. Example medical services covered by the insurance include: outpatient visits, physician consultations and assistance, emergency medical service, home visits, rehabilitation, specialist tests.


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